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OUI Lookup is a website that provides up-to-date information about MAC Addresses and OUI Vendors. Using the search bar, you can look for a OUI and find all vendors associated with the information you provided.
We also provide informational tutorials on how to find MAC addresses for your favourite operating systems and devices such as Windows or Linux.
How Many Bits Are In Mac Address?
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MAC addresses, short for Media Access Control addresses, are commonly used by many networking protocols.

One of the most popular is probably Ethernet that allows computer communication using a simple network cable.

Usually, MAC addresses are designated using the IEEE 802 format for MAC : it consists of six hexadecimal group

Last modified on 2020-11-10

How To Create Domain in Windows Server 2019
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Windows servers can be used for many purposes. They are often used to host HTTP servers, SMTP servers.

However, most of the time, they are used to create domain controllers.

Domain controllers are servers that are specialized in answering authentication requests over a network.

In short, instead of storing credent

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How To Convert CIDR To IP Range
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CIDR, standing for Classless Inter-Domain Routing, is a network notation used in order to allocate IP addresses and masks over a network.

Contrary to classful IP addressing used in the early days of Internet, CIDR is used to describe an IP with the number of bits assigned to the network portion.

As an example, the IP 194.12

Last modified on 2020-11-05

How To Subnet Class A Network
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As a network engineer, you are probably very familiar with the concept of classful IP addresses.

Divided into five different classes, IP classes were used in order to allocate specific ranges to providers.

For example, in the early stages of Internet, IP classes were assigned to AT&T Services,

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How To Convert Hexadecimal To Decimal
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When you are dealing with MAC addresses or IP addresses, it is very likely that you will be dealing with hexadecimal numbers at some point.

However, humans are not used to think in hexadecimal, it is easier for us to deal with decimal numbers.

Hexadecimal, as its name describes, is a representation of a num

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How Do Computers Communicate?
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If you have been working as a network administrator for quite some time, you probably already know about switches.

Switches are essential blocks of any network environment.

When they associated with computers, they are responsible for receiving and transmitting traffic over a network.

However, do you really know

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